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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Silat Tiger in Minangkabau

In the courtyard of the mosque and mosque, finished prayers, then by itself contained also in the relationship aspects of martial arts, namely the creation of a cord of friendship and camaraderie with the crowd. However, there is also a practicing martial arts in the middle of the forest that can not be seen. And during practice it is, the reading of prayers in Islamic narrative becomes an integral requirement.

The nature and clinging parried by surau or mosque is roughly similar to kung fu was born and raised in the Shaolin temple. Both are examples of martial arts was born and honed in a spiritual environment. Only, in the times, both martial arts has been able to learn anywhere, not necessarily in the mosque, mosque, or temple.

Silat Tiger in Minangkabau

Silat and Influence

Silat is a typical Malay martial which etymologically means "fight" or "fighting". However, there are also said silat means "the clay", which means the slick. That is, it is a movement silat martial slippery and thus difficult to be locked. While in the Philippines, Silat means "lightning" (lightning). This notion refers to the speed of movement of empty hand and weapon use. Bare hands is an allusion to fight only using a mere hand. However, there is also a common weapon used in martial arts. The weapon was, among other things, kris, spears, machetes, gloves, knives, sickles, sticks, or kerambit / kurambik. Kurambik is touted as typical Minangkabau. He shaped small knife that resemble claws. He was also similar to the curved crescent eyes.
In wrangle, the body generally be upright, modest, and almost creeping. When an opponent attacks, he was not repelled, but deflected in the other direction (take advantage of the strength of the opponent). This is similar to martial arts from China. Everything must be elastic, supple, flexible. This makes the martial arts moves seem beautiful, vivacious, wiry, and flow. Meanwhile, clothes that used the fighters usually black, which can also in this type of vessel bay. Not to forget also with a headband with a lid. That said, swapping without headgear deemed invalid and be bothered by negative energy. By Malays, headgear, which actually is in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, is done by using a cap / cap / skull cap, hat Lebai, or tengkulok / pose / headband. The goal is to get the absorption or focus.
Silat with all its attributes are scattered in many areas of the countries in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, or Brunei Darussalam. Therefore, he later became the hallmark of Southeast Asian martial. In these areas, the name of self-defense is no difference in the sound. However, in addition to martial arts, he is also known as Silek.There are various opinions that surfaced on the origins and influence on silat. In Phlipina, for example, there is a prolonged debate about the effect obtained. Some say that he was from bumiputera (indigenous) Muslims, and partly shows that mixed martial arts from China.
In Martial Arts of the World: An Encyclopedia of History and Innovation (2001), silat mentioned coming from Sumatra who were in the Malacca Strait, which grows and develops Minangkabau. He progressed from seven to sixteen century AD, and relatively stabilized and flourished in the fourteenth century AD. Still from the same source, silat is said to be under the influence of India, China, and Arab. This stems from the arrival of people of India and China at the port of Sumatra in Palembang, Sri Vijaya / Sriwijaya (Mahayana Buddhism), at seven to twelve century AD.
"In silat match Nepalese music, Hindu weapons and fighting styles, weapons Arab, as well as weapons and battle tactics of China," wrote Donn F. Draeger and Robert W. Smith in his Comprehensive Asian Fighting Arts (1980) as cited by the encyclopedia above ,
This influence can be extracted from silat movement itself. China gives the effect of Wushu, which has circular movements and the use of animal forms in a variety of his style. Hindu influence tactics. Islam, which was marked by the arrival of Arab, coloring in terms of the use of a variety of weapons and philosophy. And in the 20th century, the Japanese martial art has also influenced silat in terms of tactics, techniques, weapons, and a belt ranking system as a sign of the level of proficiency.In martial arts, physical techniques fused closely with psychic abilities. At the time of Buddha and Hindu, parried strongly influenced by a variety of spells and amulets typical animism. Often encountered scenes of stabbing themselves in practice, reminiscent of the traditions that exist in India or China.When Islam came, silat also get Sufism strong color in the middle of the relics of animism. Sufis support and provide knowledge as the supernatural powers that allow the fighters who have been masterful for "possessed" by a spirit animal.
Human and Tiger

Each region has a martial arts legends usually have the particulars of his birth. On the Peninsula, there is a story that is often quoted that martial arts originated from a dream of a woman named swapping. In the dream he learned about martial arts, which is then developed with the name wrangle or Silat.

While in Sumatra, the legend refers to the presence of a woman in the Minangkabau region which witnessed a fight between a snake and a bird. In addition, he also noticed a big fight between the birds and tigers. From what he had seen it, it is developing a martial arts called Silat that use both hands and feet to attack, throwing and locking.

Film "Migration" sufficiently raise the prestige of Pencak Silat to the massesMinangkabau people believe that Silat Harimau is Silek tuo (old). As for the martial arts that exist today, are spread everywhere, believed to be a derivative of this martial art. 
What is called Silat Harimau is reminded, once again, the influence of Chinese Wushu, which uses animal forms in various martial. And this form of Wushu itself, according to Draeger and Smith, style battle ensues from India in the early days.
"The narrative about the style of these animals may have been forwarded to the martial arts as an element of Chinese heritage. These derivatives will be consistent with what is described by Draeger and Smith, "wrote the encyclopedia.
Although the tracks can be drawn from China and India, basically the people of Sumatra itself is believed to have a close affinity indeed, close in spirit, and mutual bersusur lines between humans and tigers. And each area in Sumatra has naming for "human-tiger".Community Kerinci, Jambi, called the tiger man with cindaku and Inyiak; in some communities in Bengkulu called setuo or Inyiak; in West Sumatra called Inyiak, in the land of Toba called Opung; and on the ground Mandailing called ompung-call of honor for the elder person. In some areas, the mention of the name "tiger" in the woods was as much as possible be avoided as a sign of respect.
Silat Tiger 
In the world of martial arts, Silat Harimau is considered as the most dangerous. In his fight, he is targeting vital points, such as the jaw, heartburn, eyes, genitals, or neck veins that can lead to the separation of the life of the body. In the event of sorts Asian Games, Silat Harimau not competed in silat championship for this character.

On development, Silat Harimau Minangkabau is growing outward. In Langkat, (Sumatra East / North), precisely in Tanjongpura, can be found the flow of Silat Harimau is called Tiger Hijaiyah. Here, the moment-jurusnya in accordance with the letters Hijaiyah or Arabic script, from Alif, Ba, Ta, and so takat Yes.
Silat Harimau Hijaiyah was founded by Syarifuddin bin Mohammad Kahar who previously studied at Abdul Jalil told Hasibuan, called Atuk Old Master, founder of Silat Hijaiyah. Abdul Jalil Hasibuan himself was the son of a sheikh of the Naqshbandi in Kota Pinang, Rantau Prapat (Sumatra East / North). In the article "Hijaiyah Tiger", has a style that is unik.Si champion Ahmad Bukhari Ramzan of College Tiger Hijaiyah langkat. He has a style stretched one hand up and the other down in the wide, such as inviting the opponent to attack.
"He did not do horses like a general. But once the opponent to attack, whether with kicks or punches, instantly greeted with terkaman "paci" Tiger Hijaiyah or a combination of hooks and knocked stance is strong and fast. Can wear anything Ramzan do. Either elbow, knee, arm, or the palm and fist, "writes the magazine. Hijaiyah Silat Harimau is then developed into neighboring country, Aceh, and also spread to the peninsula, such as Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Penang. While the distribution of Silat Harimau own infinite in Sumatra. He also can be found, with their own variants in different islands and even continents.
Historically, the impact and influence in the martial arts, as well as other martial arts, is basically inevitable. No one ever be able to stand alone."There is no culture that truly stands alone, but a coalition with other cultures," wrote Claude
Levi-Strauss in his book Race and History (2000).
As is customary, culture, and civilization, so too silat. Always there are the elements that form a kind of martial arts to be distinguished as something unique, then back bouncing in all directions.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

How Search Engines Work?

Understanding Search Engine

Search engine optimization is a series of processes carried out systematically in order to improve the volume and quality of traffic through search engines to visit certain web sites by utilizing the mechanism of action or the search engine algorithms. The goal of SEO is to place a website on top position, or at least the first page of search results based on certain keywords that are targeted.

Logically, a website that occupies the top position in search results have a better chance to get visitors. In line with the growing use of the Internet as a business medium, the need for SEO is also increasing. Being at the top of search results will improve the chances of a web-based marketing company to gain new customers. This opportunity is used a number of parties to offer search engine optimization services to companies that have a business base in the internet.

The Formation History Search Engine

According to Danny Sullivan, search engine optimization is a term first used on July 26, 1997 by a spam message posted on Usenet. At that time the search engine algorithms is not too complex so easily manipulated. The early versions of search algorithms based entirely on information provided by the webmaster via meta tags in the html code of their website. Meta tags provide information about the content contained on a web page with a set of keywords (keyword). Most webmasters do manipulation by a keyword that does not correspond to the actual site content, so that search engines seem to have misplaced and rank those sites. This causes the search results to be inaccurate and have caused losses for both search engines as well as for Internet users expect relevant and quality information.

How Search Engines Work?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two Ph.D. student in computer science at Stanford University, are trying to overcome these problems by building BackRub, a simple search engine that relies on mathematical calculations to rank web pages. The algorithm, called PageRank, a complex mathematical function is a combination of counting the number of links that point to a web page with the analysis of the quality of each of those links. Based on the working principle of PageRank, in general it can be said that the web pages that rank high are a lot of web pages linked to by other web pages. Value of Page Rank will also be higher if a web page that leads to him also has a high quality. The value of a link from high quality sites such as Yahoo! or DMOZ could be worth more than the combined value of one hundred links from low-quality websites. BackRub only a beginning. In 1998, Page and Brin founded Google, which is an advanced version of BackRub. In a short time Google gained reputation and trust of the public internet users for successfully serving quality search results (not manipulated), fast, and relevant. Page Rank then be a good standard for other search engines as well as for webmasterwebnya are trying to acquire sites Page Rank values ​​as high as possible so that the highest position in the search results.

Figures Leading SEO

 In addition to Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, some people become figures respected and his opinions as a reference about search engines and SEO business, is as follows:
  • Danny Sullivan, Former LA Times journalist who founded the Web site Search Engine Watch highlights active business development and search engine technology. Now he is actively writing and reportage on Search Engine Land.
  • Matt Cutts, Programmer and former employees of the NSA (National Security Agency) United States who joined Google in 2001 and is currently the head of Google's spam team countermeasures. In addition to being an employee of Google, Matt Cutts is a prominent blogger. The articles in his blog as a reference SEO practitioners from around the world, because his blog is often the first source of any information regarding the development of Google's search technology. Matt Cutts is often regarded as the unofficial spokesman for Google.
  • Vanessa Fox, former Google employee. Vanessa is known among webmasters as a drafter and programmer who also served on the Google Webmaster Central project. Of the many search engines (search engine), the most popular of them, namely:

1. Google (

Google is a search engine that is quite well known for the moment and deliver relevant results and very fast. A large amount of information on the Internet requires a search service that is perfect for managing information. Not only the power of Google, but also services that mengguanakan its communication with Indonesian, even the Java language. As one system that serves users in the service of information among the billions of web pages found on the Internet, Google uses a unique combination anatara hardware and sophisticated software. Search speed, low-cost, connected in a network to build a search engine that is super fast.

2. Yahoo (

Yahoo is the site of most search engines feature rich. Yahoo increased popularity in the eyes of users because of the many features provided. This is because Yahoo positioning itself as a portal site on the Internet. Although many of the features of this site are tantalizing, but the search engine service capabilities are not inferior to the other search engines. The speed and accuracy can compete with other leading search engines.

3. All The Web (

Internet AllTheWeb is a search engine that debuted in mid 1999. It grew out of FTP Search, Tor Egge doctoral thesis at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, which he started in 1994, which in turn resulted in the formation of Fast Search and Transfer was established in July 16 1997. It was used mainly as part of the show's website for the FAST enterprise search engine. Although rivaling Google in size and technology, AllTheWeb never became popular. When AllTheWeb began in 1999, Fast Search and Transfer aims to provide a database for other search engines, copying the successful case of Inktomi. Indeed, in January 2000, Lycos Lycos PRO used their results in the search.

At that time, the database AllTheWeb Crawler they are indexed over 2 billion pages in June 2002 and began a new round of war the size of the search engines. Before the purchase by Yahoo !, database contains approximately 3.3 billion URLs. AllTheWeb has several advantages compared to Google, such as database fresher, more sophisticated search features, search clustering and fully customized look. In February 2003 Quick web search division was bought by Overture. In March 2004 Overture itself was taken over by Yahoo !. Shortly after the Yahoo acquisition, the site started using Yahoo! AllTheWeb database has grown from 80 million to 200 million URLs. Their aim is to index all publicly accessible web. and several advanced features are removed, such as FTP search.

4. Excite (

Excite remains the choice of the user in searching for data on the Internet, even though these sites have ups and downs in the dot-com business. Excite is a search engine pioneers and most inovasional when first introduced. Excite is still eligible to compete and the best known among the other search engines, because of the accuracy and speed to display the search results.

5. Lycos (

Each search engine certainly made it interesting and as accurate as possible to be able to compete and pursue fame in the eyes of Internet users. Lycos as one of the pioneers of search engines, remain good, fast, and accurate in the search, although many new search engine sites are good and accurate. This makes Lycos still survive in the ranks of the world's best search engine. Lycos see quite lively, imposing itself as a portal site, do not like to see other search engines seem simple. The search box is located at the top of the page, as if hidden by the display image and icons striking feature. However, it is not wrong if its features are made conspicuous, because these features are very useful and helpful to its users.

6. Altavista (

The business competitors in the field of Internet decent into account Altavista, particularly in the field of search engines, because of the popularity of search engines can be synchronized with other search engines longer appear. The reliability and accuracy of results displayed Altavista make the users choosing this site. Behind the simple appearance, Altavista store an astounding potential search function. In fact, the facility translator, Babel Fish, a best-in-class service.

7.Ask (

Ask is a search engine that was founded in 1996 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in California. This site can search for information in detail, how it works similar to Google. This browser has the ability to degrade more data and displays other links that they have relevant relationships. Ask simantik and extraction has the ability to recognize the best answers to user questions. How it works is not much different from Google, users just enter the keyword and click search. Then the user will find a series of results along with links that led users to the results that are still relevant. The site is equipped katagorikan several tabs on the web, images, etc. was originally known as Ask Jeeves, where "Jeeves" is the name of the "gentleman's personal gentleman", or valet, take the answer to the question asked. Characters are based on Jeeves, Bertie Wooster's fictional valet from the works of PG Wodehouse. The original idea behind Ask Jeeves was to allow users to get answers to questions posed in everyday, natural language, as well as traditional search keywords. The current still supports this, with added support for math questions, dictionary, and conversion. Site search engine this one favor the ability to understand human language. Users can use full sentences, not keywords. This site is useful to know the answer of the question. Ask is a search engine whose function is to search for information in the form of an image, document, video, references, and news.

Search Engine Has 3 Important Components.

How Search Engines Work?

First, an element called a spider (spider) which is also called the crawler. Elements spider teaches access to websites, read it and follow the links contained in the site. Any information found in the spider element will always be written in an index.The second is the index of search engines. Index is similar to a giant book containing a copy (copy) of each site visited spider element. If the spider element found the change from a website, the information from the website contained in this catalog will be updated (update). Sometimes it takes a new page based on the results of writing findings element spider on a web site, so there may be new information from a web site that is accessed by a spider element is not written in the catalog index.
The third is the software (software) search engine itself. The program is selecting millions of data in the catalog that contains a copy of the pages of the web site and match demand Internet users and then display the data to monitor and compile them in accordance with the ranking list.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Myth Origin of Waves Bono in Kampar, Riau Province

Scientifically, wave bono is one of the natural events are quite rare and infrequent. Where we will witness a big wave like happened in the middle of the sea, but this occurred in a freshwater river. Bono wave occurs due to a conflict of three streams of water coming from the Straits of Malacca, the South China Sea and the Kampar River water flow. As a result of this collision, making waves in Kampar river mouth can reach a height of 4-5 meters with previously characterized by a terrific roar. It is a scientific phenomenon that will be trusted by the intellectuals alone. But you know, the local community has fairy tales associated with their special wave such bono? There are many stories and beliefs of the local people who make a rare natural events is increasingly privileged.

Myth Origin of Waves Bono in Kampar, Riau Province

According to their belief, the wave bono in Kampar river is bono males, while females were in the area bono Rokan River, near the City Bagansiapi-fire. Bono in the Kampar estuary of seven tails, which form similar to a horse which is called by the parent Bono. In the spring tide die, it will go into bono Rokan River to meet bono females. Then relax heading to the Strait of Malacca. That is why when a small moon and tides die, bono was not found in both rivers. If the month started off great, go back to the place bono respectively, then play up a river Kampar and Rokan River. Getting full moon in the sky, the more excited bono go up a race against the two rivers.

For residents of the area Kuala Kampar, bono they are familiar since childhood. Because that's not strange, when children, teens and adults alike regard bono as a friend, where they played Stunt riding is called Bekudo Bono Bono or using boats (canoes) small. Usually playground bono for local residents are in places where bono is not too large or in children who have Bono Kampar River, such as the River Sangar, Turip, Serkap, Polar and Kerumutan River. This game is a big risk, because if miscalculated bono boat can be cast into the cliff so that splinters. But from experience since childhood, they, the players bono already know exactly where the safe place to play bono.

Formerly, such bono games often done by first holding certain ceremonies to ensure the safety of the players. The ceremony is called 'semah' to do the morning or afternoon. The ceremony was led by a 'Bomo' or Datuk atapun the village elders. This is done so that motorists bono mean salvation while riding bono, and kept away from harm. In addition, there is also a mythical story associated with the waves bono namely the story of the bloodbath in mempusun or mempusun covered in blood, and the formation of the Kingdom Palalawan in 1822 AD

Malay warriors is said is often challenged and tested agility with ride the wave bono. Who succeeded menakklukkan The waves were very strong then it will be considered a powerful figure and has the best strength. Another story says that firstly the waves roll numbering seven (7) major waves of 7 ghost. When the Dutch colonial period, the ships of the Dutch transport is very difficult to enter the Kuala Kampar result of this wave. One commander of Dutch troops ordered to shoot with a cannon of the big waves. Whether by chance or because of other things, one of the big wave that had been shot cannon Netherlands never appear again until now. So now there are only six (6) large rolls Bono waves.

But later became a regular game and can be carried out at will. But the game is only done during the day, while evenings matter how dare they, not yet no one dared try. This is because the risk is pretty big. If you are afraid or terrified to participate alongside the boat playing bono, you can watch bono of land only. But If you dare please play bono with small boats are widely available there. The important thing you have to be good at swimming, and riding bono. This game is similar to surfing the waves on the beach, because the place is spacious and big enough challenge. You are interested in visiting attractions waves bono in Sungai Kampar Riau, Indonesia?

Saturday, February 27, 2016

How to Care For an Electric Teapot so Durable

How to Care For an Electric Teapot so Durable

One of the electrical appliance in the room as the hotel's facilities called electric teapot. what was an electric teapot? divided into two words, namely teapots and electricity. unutuk usually heats water to drink, such as coffee, milk, and others. A power tool is quite vulnerable to damage. Basically an electric teapot is often broken when we misuse it. here are some tips on how to use the electric kettle to make it more durable.

  • Use as needed, simply heat water for drinking, should not be used to heat water for a bath, let alone diporsir to heat the pool. better electric teapot should not be used at all, it would be more durable.

  • When we heat the water, pay attention to the maximum and minimum water level, note the position of his element, the element must always be submerged in the state well when heated and after pouring water into a glass, it means do not pour water until the end when a teapot is still hot, as it will ruin element , the element will overheat, fast break, and create the possibility of a teapot leak will be even greater.

  • Disconnect the electrical outlet when not in use, It is intended for security, is very dangerous to let electric kettle on without the water being heated. It can cause fatal damage, even a fire hazard.

  • Keep a electric teapot of the reach of your children.

When a electric teapot already damaged, you're out of reading tips, but the components of this electric tool bit and includes a simple circuit. So if damaged, you can try to fix it yourself, here's how easy it is.

  • Disassemble electric teapot, open all parts of the body of the teapot body, open by releasing couplers straps with a screwdriver.

  • Because the circuit is simple, we can nenelusuri of its components, check with Multitester at the stop socket, switch and overload and section elements. remember to use multitester.

  • If there is found damaged or broken parts that we can replace the component itself, especially if only the cable itself was a break, we stayed menyoldernya. Cultivated dressing nice components.

  • When an electric teapot after dismantled and repaired still damaged, but still damaged, you may be out of luck, at least you've tried. Have a nice day.


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